Touchless Terminal(Type-Z)

Product Introduction

Traditional self-service terminals are usually placed in areas filled with large populations. Since so many people are touching them day in and day out, touchscreens are a great place for viruses and bacteria to be deposited by infected individuals and be picked up by healthy ones, thereby causing cross infection in places like hospitals, high-speed rail stations, airports, metros and banks. The Touchless Terminal Type-Z integrates EASPEED’s world leading Interactive Holographic Imaging Technology, which creates the holographic images of various operation panels and interfaces without the help of any other display medium. Users could complete all kinds of operations by just clicking on the holographic images displayed in the air, for example making an appointment in the hospital, buying tickets in high speed rail stations, and making transactions in a bank. The viewing angle of the holographic images could be adjusted in order to protect sensitive information of the user.

*This product does no harm to the original structure and system. It could be seamlessly connected to the original system. The safety and stability are guaranteed.

This product could be used in a variety of scenarios. The installer needs to obtain relevant installation qualifications and product certification before use. Usage?scenarios should also be taken into consideration.

Product Feature

Product Parameters

Production Applications

Other Applications

Terminals are widely used in public places such as airports, high-speed rail stations, elevators, etc. However, these terminals all require the act of a touch to complete operations. With the help of Interactive Holographic Imaging Technology and the use of Touchless Human-computer Interaction Terminal, a brand new interactive experience is brought to life. All the operations could be completed in the air without any touching. It’s safe and infection-free.

*Organizations equipped with touchless human-computer interaction terminal (Type-N)



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