Interactive Holographic Imaging

One of the most cutting-edge technologies in the world. Holographic imaging could be displayed in the air without any medium.
With the help of somatosensory interaction device, human-imaging interaction could be achieved.

Negative refractive flat lens (DCT-plate)

Under the principle of light field reconstruction, DCT-plate re-converges the divergent light in the air, thereby forming a real image that does not need to be carried by the medium. Combined with interactive control technology, human-imaging interaction could be realized through the holographic imaging created.

DCT-plate Applications

Media and Advertising

Audience Interaction Big Data

Traditional advertising relies on billboards or other concrete media to present the message while holographic imaging could be created almost anywhere in three-dimensional space. The holographic imaging solution applied to the media sector could greatly enhance the efficiency of advertising by adding available media, not to mention the improvements in visual presentation and interactivity. Together this technology will revolutionize the traditional advertising. The use of holographic imaging in the media and advertising sector will help the advertisers to reach more audiences with better advertising performance.

Household Appliances

Anti-dust Solution

In the Internet of Things era, smart home appliance has a higher standard on its user experience and performance, as well as the panel where all operations take place. Holographic imaging technology could be applied in a wide range of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, range hoods,?etc. By operating on the holographic panel formed in the air, users could enjoy the anti-dust and futuristic experience without touching the greasy and dusty surface.

Business Meeting

Fingerprint-free Anti-peep

Holographic imaging technology could be used in various kinds of business meetings. The computer will be no longer necessary since the information related to the meeting could be displayed in the air. Less limitations on space and operations, business meetings come with better interactions and better privacy protection.

Information Security

Virtual Conference

Touchless interactions could be completed on banking terminals, payment terminals and ATMs, terminals that require input of confidential information. With holographic imaging technology in place, an imaging of the operation panel will be created with a limited viewing angle. In this way, information displayed in the holographic imaging could be seen by the user only, thereby ensuring information security.


Holographic Experience

Holographic imaging technology will provide a brand new solution to the exhibition sector. The technology creates a three dimensional projection that exists freely in space without help from any media or physical screen. The images could be viewed simultaneously by multiple people from different angles in a true perspective.

Smart Car

Replace LCD Panel

The core idea of smart car is to upgrade the human-computer interactions inside the car, including every interaction interface. Holographic imaging technology is a perfect solution for the upgrade of smart driving space. The holographic images could replace traditional in-car LCDs such as digital dashboard, center console, and heads up display. Since traffic information will be displayed through the holographic images, drivers can maintain their focus on the road which will improve road safety.



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